What Type of Dentures Do You Need?

Missing teeth can come with a number of challenges. An incomplete smile can make chewing, speaking, and smiling difficult tasks. They can also cause a lack of support for the lips and make one self-conscious about smiling. None of these outcomes are ideal. With the help of a reliable, expert dentist, you can easily relieve the issues that your experience with missing teeth. 

Fortunately, Rafi Dental Group in Tustin offers several solutions for missing teeth. One of these solutions is creating dentures for your daily use. There are a few different types of dentures, so you may be wondering which type would work best for you. 


When most of us think of dentures, we imagine a complete set. Complete or full dentures are made to replace all of your natural teeth and can be fitted for the top gum, bottom gum, or both. They stay in place with a comfortable suction and adhesive, but can also be easily removed for cleaning and sleeping purposes. If you are missing one or both rows of teeth, then a complete denture set will be right for you. 


Many people do not realize they are good candidates for dentures because they are only missing a few teeth. If this is the case, then you may be a good candidate for partial dentures. These dentures are attached and removed the same as the complete denture set, but only serve to fill in a few teeth rather than an entire smile. These dentures help to correct the loss of structure caused by the missing teeth, and make every day tasks like eating easier. Since these dentures only replace a few teeth, they are crafted so that they match your remaining natural teeth, so that the appearance of the dentures is not obvious. 


After a tooth extraction, your mouth requires time to heal before permanent denture options can be considered. This healing process can take up to six months. In the meantime, immediate dentures can offer a temporary solution while you are healing. These temporary dentures help to aid healing as well as maintain the structure of your smile, as your teeth can shift after a tooth extraction. Once your mouth is healed, you can then move  to a more permanent denture solution. 


If you find that you need extra support to improve the functionality of your dentures, then implant-supported dentures may be the best option for you. With this design, your dentures are supported and fixed to the implants, rather than relying on the bone for support. This can provide extra security when wearing your dentures, especially when eating. The implants can also promote bone strength and deter bone loss over time. Implant-aided dentures can be a great solution if you are looking at long-term denture options. 


Overdentures also provide a more stable denture solution. With these dentures, either existing teeth or implants are used as “anchors” for the appliance. The dentures are fitted to go over the anchoring teeth or implants, making them more stable and supported. These dentures can provide more comfort for many patients, as well. If traditional dentures are too uncomfortable for you, then overdentures may be a good option. 

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If you have been considering dentures to replace missing teeth, look no further than Rafi Dental Group in Tustin. We offer several different denture options, so you are sure to find the right fit. Whether you are missing a few teeth or all of them, dentures can improve your quality of life by making eating and speaking easier, as well as improving your confidence. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact Rafi Dental Group in Tustin today. We look forward to hearing from you!