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Best and Worst Foods for Dentures

Whether you’re a seasoned vet or someone completely new to the world of cosmetic dentures, chances are you’ve discovered some foods that seem to really cause problems for your teeth and others that can make eating quite the chore. Let Rafi Dental Group’s cosmetic dentist dive into some of the foods to watch out for and others to not worry about. You may be able to avoid further dentistry procedures if you take this advice!


Any one of the many nut butters available on the market may be a healthy, low-sugar alternative to get the daily protein you need, but these are incredibly sticky foods. This is true for not only cosmetic dentures but also with just about any surface! Can you remember how hard it is to completely get peanut butter off of your hands? The same applies to your dentures. Instead, consider…


Hummus is a protein-packed spread just like nut butters, but without all the stickiness. It pairs wonderfully with all sorts of foods such as bread, crackers, and even raw vegetables. If you are looking for creative ways to consume protein-filled spreads, go beyond hummus and try tuna or salmon salads, egg salads, or even chicken salads. You’ll get full and stay healthy without all the fuss and mess of peanut, almond, or cashew butters. Your cosmetic dentist in Tustin, CA will rejoice to see how well you’ve taken care of your cosmetic dentures!


Sticky snacks and candy are something the vast majority of us crave, regardless of our age or food preferences. Unfortunately, these are some of the worst foods for cosmetic dentures. If you’re not a fan of dislodging your teeth, be sure to steer clear from Starburst, taffy, peanut brittle, or a Snickers bar. Why not try this instead…

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Gum with no sugar is a great choice for satisfying your sweet tooth, and it won’t cause problems with dislodging any teeth! One of the greatest benefits of chewing sugar-free gum is that it can actually help you produce more saliva. Why is that a good thing, you ask? More saliva in your mouth can help to break down food better and even help dislodge that tricky piece of lunch that might’ve gotten stuck in your cosmetic dentures. Your Tustin dental cosmetic dentistry practice recommends this one!


You may find yourself asking, "Can you eat popcorn with dentures?" Popcorn is a snack you may want to avoid if you are serious about caring for your dentures. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Popcorn is quite possibly one of the easiest foods in the world to get lodged in your teeth.
  • Once a popcorn husk gets stuck in your teeth, it’s one of the most annoying sensations your teeth and mouth can deal with.
  • It can be very painful to get a sharp bit of popcorn stuck under your dentures.
  • Unpopped kernels can cause serious damage to your dentures.

For your snacking needs, take a bite out of this instead…


Veggies crisps that have been air-puffed are a fantastic and delicious alternative to that oh-so-tricky popcorn. Without the dreaded husk of popcorn, these are a healthy way to get in your snacking fix and nutrients without causing your dentures a world of hurt. Just be sure to drink plenty of liquids, especially water, with any snack as this helps wash down any sticky chunks of food that might have been pressed into your cosmetic dentures from chewing. Drinking more fluids during your meals can help produce more saliva, which is always a positive force in maintaining good denture health. Your Tustin cosmetic dentist recommends these veggies snacks any day over popcorn!

No matter what you choose to eat, keeping the health of your dentures in mind will ultimately keep your oral health in a better state. As you go about your daily life, especially during periods of self-quarantine, remember these tips on which foods to avoid and which foods to rejoice in. You’ll be riding smoothly on the healthy dentures train. Remember — fear the popcorn, embrace the hummus. If you suspect you may have issues with dislodged teeth or other cosmetic dentistry issues, give our friendly cosmetic dentists at Rafi Dental Group a call! We’re more than happy to help with all of your cosmetic dentures and dental procedure needs.