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Pediatric Tooth Tips for Parents

We know kids fight with all their might to avoid brushing their teeth.  With their sugar consumption, baby teeth, and more, we must help children stay on top of their teeth cleaning habits! Whether or not they fight tooth and nail to avoid brushing their sugar-coated teeth, or deflect visiting the dentist, we think we have some tips and tricks to help your child maintain their healthy teeth!

Not only do we want to help parents deal with this particular struggle, but we want to get your child on the right path to more healthy mouth hygiene habits, so they are prepared to deal with their adult teeth once they come in! 

Here’s how our Tustin dentists can help you!

Due for a Dental Exam?


The easiest way to go about taking your child to the dentist is to start taking them at an early age – specifically, age 1 – so they will be comfortable with the exams and cleanings as they grow older. 

It is known that children know when their parents are afraid, or fear for something involving them – the less you say about the cleaning, exam, or a procedure, the better! 

Furthermore, children often think something scary or unwanted will happen if parents continually fuss about how brave they are, or were: “Oh, you are so brave! You will do great!” or “You are the bravest little boy in the whole world! No one can do what you are about to do!” These are the types of scenarios that parents should avoid if they want their children to feel comfortable at the dentist.

Instead, make a note about how dentists and their dental assistants have a goal to keep all children safe and keep their teeth healthy.


Oooo, your baby’s first tooth came in?! We all know what this means – their first dental visit! We know it can be scary taking your child to the dentist for the very first time, but dentists take the best care of your child during their visit. There is no need to worry!

Why bring your child to the dentist for their first tooth?

  • Tender gums
  • Inability to sleep
  • Drooling and chewing on things constantly 
  • Cold-like symptoms can develop once the first tooth emerges

These are a few of the signs that your child should come to the dentist, so we can prevent any further discomfort. For a nifty trick to soothe their pain at home, you can always use chilled rings or washcloths to ease their discomfort.


Ugh, we know how much of a struggle it can be to get your child to brush their teeth! But… it is possible!! 

As dentists, we consider the number “2” as our magical number when it comes to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Having your children brush their teeth after breakfast and just before bedtime for two minutes is the standard for keeping their teeth to the right level of health. 

Yes, this timeframe can be very long for children, but we have a few solutions for you!

  1. Play a song that is at least two minutes long, and one of the child’s favorites. The first 60 seconds will be dedicated to brushing the top teeth, and the other to the bottom.
  2. Use a fun timer and set it for two minutes.
  3. Find a fun toothbrush that your child gets excited about! This could mean having their favorite cartoon character displayed on the brush, or finding one that lights up!  


Is it time for your child to come in for a visit? Schedule an appointment with us and we can ensure your child is safe and comfortable! 

Do you have questions about how you can further your child’s dental health at home? Feel free to give us a call, and we can have a Tustin pediatric dentist add some more tips and tricks outside of this list.