Finding out that you need a root canal is never exactly the news you want to be receiving. However, sometimes a root canal is necessary to prevent further, more costly and more painful problems down the road. Today, we are going to discuss signs that you may need a root canal. Some of these can also be signs of a smaller problem, but if you are experiencing any of them it is a good idea to make an appointment with your dentist to prevent any further complications. 

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Sensitivity to Hot or Cold

When you need a root canal it is very common to experience sensitivity to both hot and cold. If you cringe every time you take a sip of hot coffee or ice-cold water — it is time to see your dentist. While some people do have naturally sensitive teeth, when you feel the sharp intense pain caused by damage that requires a root canal, you’ll know it’s time to make an appointment.

Gums Swelling

When your gums become swollen the cause is typically something below the surface, such as your tooth’s root and nerves. So, while gum swelling doesn’t necessarily mean you need a root canal, it is a symptom that is associated with them and definitely requires a visit to the dentist.

Tooth Discoloration

When we refer to tooth discoloration, we are not talking about the slight yellowing and staining that happens over time from everyday eating and drinking. Tooth discoloration associated with a root canal will be a darker discoloration originating from the inside of your tooth. This type of discoloration is caused by nerve damage and requires a root canal to correct the problem.

A Cracked or Chipped Tooth

When a tooth is cracked or chipped and not treated promptly, bacteria can get beneath the surface of the tooth and cause an infection. Infections can spread to your bloodstream and affect your overall health. When you crack or chip a tooth it’s important to have it fixed to prevent infections. However, if you believe that a cracked or chipped tooth may already be infected, it is important to make an appointment at your dentist right away as a root canal may be necessary.

Difficulty Eating or Drinking

If you find yourself chewing on one side of your mouth because a tooth on the other side is painful to touch, you may need a root canal. Pain in a tooth can also be the sign of a cavity or other problem, but either way, it requires a trip to the dentist. The sooner you have your painful tooth looked at the less likely it is that a root canal will be required. 

Deep Decay

If you have had a cavity for some time and have not had it addressed by a dentist, the decay will continue to work its way down further into the tooth. When this happens, a root canal is necessary. Regular teeth cleaning can prevent deep decay and help you avoid a possible root canal. 

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