After professional teeth whitening, you have a radiant smile, but that bright smile doesn’t seem to last long. It seems like every day after your whitening appointment, your white smile starts to fade. This causes many people to ask, how can I maintain my white smile after a whitening?

If you’ve just invested in teeth whitening, whether it was a DIY kit or a professional whitening treatment from your Tustin dentist, you need to know how to retain your new bright smile for as long as possible. It is especially crucial for patients who undergo professional teeth whitening to preserve your results and protect your investment.

Tooth staining and discoloration can affect patients at varying degrees. However, we have some tips that will help any patient extend their whitening results:

Work to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Many people automatically assume that because their teeth are bright and white, they don’t have to brush or floss as often. That is the worst thing you could do.

Failure to brush and floss as recommended not only jeopardizes your oral health, but it quickly fades the whitening effects from your recent teeth whitening treatment. If you want to prolong the results of your treatment, make sure you brush and floss regularly.

You should be brushing at least three times a day. Brushing this often will help remove any surface stains and plaque that builds up throughout the day. When left to build up in the mouth, plaque can create discolored deposits throughout the teeth that will ruin your white smile.

In addition to brushing, you should be flossing. You only need to floss once a day but make sure that you floss completely, and you’re not just doing a quick ‘once over.’ Proper flossing involves getting in between each and every tooth.

Avoid Food and Drinks That Stain Your Teeth

Certain foods and drinks can stain your teeth. If you wish to keep your teeth white after a professional teeth whitening, it is best to avoid any foods or beverages that can stain.

Some foods and drinks to avoid include:

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Wines, particularly red wine
  • Soy sauce or sauce with a soy sauce base
  • Curries
  • Sodas
  • Citrus fruits
  • Blueberries

Avoiding these as much as possible will reduce the amount of contact these beverages have with your teeth, helping prevent staining.

Another great suggestion is to brush your teeth immediately. Even if it doesn’t completely eliminate stains, it can dramatically decrease the amount of discoloration you experience. The less time food and beverages sit on your teeth, the less staining you will experience.

Use Straws

Although you may not think of drinking coffee, tea, or wine through a straw, it can help you enjoy some of your favorite drinks while avoiding stains.

Drinking through a straw can keep beverages from touching the outside of your teeth. You can use a straw for drinking sodas and sports drinks too, which often have artificial coloring (and lots of sugar) — both of which can break down tooth enamel and stain your teeth.

For the best results, keep your drink from hitting the outside of your teeth.

Avoid Smoking

In many cases, it only takes a few months of smoking for the nicotine and tar in cigarettes to stain your teeth, with or without investing in professional teeth whitening.

Smoking poses more serious concerns than just stained teeth — smoking increases your risk of gum infections, gum disease, plaque, and even oral cancer.

So, if you want a bright smile and healthy gums, drop the cigarette.

Schedule Cleanings With Your Tustin Dentist

Keep your scheduled cleanings with your dentist, even if you had a professional teeth whitening. Professional cleanings can remove the plaque your toothbrush and floss can’t reach in your mouth. The professional cleaning will clean these hard-to-reach places for you.

Use Products Recommended by Your Dentist

Some varieties of toothpaste and mouthwash may be able to help supplement your professional teeth whitening. These products won’t brighten and whiten your smile like professional cleaning, but they will help you maintain your bright smile until your next whitening treatment.

Before using any toothpaste or mouthwash that claims to have whitening benefits, it is best to ask your Tustin dentist which ones to use. Your dentist will provide product recommendations that will help maintain your white smile.

Schedule Professional Teeth Whitening 

Get the smile you have always dreamed of by undergoing professional teeth whitening services. Rafi Dental Group offers effective teeth whitening services that will get you the bright smile you want without damaging your teeth.

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