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Guide To Finding The Best Tustin Dentist

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We get it, going to the dentist isn’t something you necessarily look forward to, but if you want to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile and impeccable oral hygiene, it is important to visit a Tustin dentist at least once a year for a check-up or whenever you experience tooth pain, sensitive gums, or other dental problems.

A big part of maintaining excellent oral health and a beautiful smile is forming a partnership with a local dentist. Whether you have just moved to the Tustin area, are looking for a dentist with hours that are more convenient for your schedule, or simply just haven’t found a dentist that you feel comfortable with, you are not alone!

Whatever the reason, if you don’t already have a dentist that you can rely on, it’s a good idea to find one sooner rather than later! Preventative care is so much cheaper and better than waiting for a big, expensive issue to arise. However, you can’t really do a round of speed dating with all the local dentists; and choosing one to meet your dental and oral health needs can be more challenging than most people think. Luckily, our team of experienced hygienists put together a helpful guide that will hopefully make choosing the best dentist easier.


Choosing The Best Dentist In Tustin, California

In the Tustin area alone, there is an overwhelming number of dentists and dental offices to choose from. Simply searching for dentists in Tustin will bring you a variety of clinics to choose from, all of them different from one another. Dental care is not a commodity, it is a combination of varying skill sets, expertise, technology, and customer service. Typically, you will find that the treatment options offered, the quality and philosophy of care significantly vary from office to office, which is why it is important that you take the time to look at your options to determine which the best dentist for your needs.

The dentist you choose to work with should provide an all-inclusive and comfortable experience. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about traveling all over town to receive the attention and quality care you need.

At Rafi Dental Group, we are proud to be known as one of the best dentists in Tustin, CA. We are committed to providing our community with the best dental care and solutions that will make people want to show off their smiles. Many factors play a role when you’re choosing a new dentist. How you rank your priorities is up to you, but here are a few variables you may want to consider:


Think about why you are looking for a dentist in the first place. Are you overdue for your annual dental checkup? Are you looking to brighten your smile with teeth whitening? Do you have a tooth or gum sensitivity when you eat or drink? There are many reasons why you may be looking for a dentist, so it is important that you are searching for one that can help you with your current needs.

Most dentists can help you with a standard check-up, but there are dentists that specialize in certain services and treatments. For example, some dentists offer specialized treatments such as dental veneers or root canal therapy. If you want to have general work done on your teeth but also are interested in professional teeth whitening, look for a dentist that specializes in cosmetic dentistry. If you have a child or children, it may be worthwhile choosing a dentist that also offers pediatric dentistry services. Therefore, you can choose a dentist that provides family dental solutions for you and your family.

If you aren’t in need of a specific service or treatment, a good rule of thumb is to look for a dentist that offers a wide range of services, so that you don’t end up hopping from specialist to specialist in order to get the care you need.


One thing that makes our Tustin dental office unique is the variety of dental services our dentists specialize in. We provide patients with dental care that is friendly, high-quality, and personalized to fit their unique needs. In addition to pediatric dentistry, we offer a comprehensive suite of preventive, cosmetic, restorative, and reconstructive dental services to ensure that you and your family have access to quality, affordable dental care. 


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Depending on your dental benefits plan, you’ll be covered under a certain dental network. Some dentists will participate in that network and others will not. To ensure you get the most affordable dental care, you will want to choose a dentist that accepts your insurance. Most major dental insurance providers will have a list on their website that allows you to easily and quickly search for local dentists near you. Keep in mind, every insurance provider is different but most websites will ask for your address or zip code and then will provide you with a list of nearby dentists. Other insurance providers may present their list of local dentists alphabetically so be sure to select multiple dentists and do some more research before immediately booking an appointment just because they accept your insurance coverage. This is a good way to start your search as it will give you a list of nearby dentists in your area that will accept your coverage.

Speaking of costs, it doesn’t hurt to look for a dentist that offers financing and monthly payment plans to make your dental treatments more financially manageable.


We want everyone to have access to quality dental care, which is why Rafi Dental Group accepts a variety of dental insurances. We are a PPO dentist.

Additionally, we offer both no interest and low monthly payment financing options to make it easier to pay for the dental care you need. If you would like to learn more about accepted insurances and costs, contact our financial coordinators.

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some of the major insurances we accept include:

  • Cigna
  • Delta Dental
  • United Healthcare
  • Liberty Dental
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Metlife
  • Medicare
  • California Dental Network
  • Guardian Dental
  • Blue Shield


You don’t want just anyone poking around in your mouth, do you? We’re guessing no. Instead, you want to know that your dentist can provide effective treatments, which is why it is important to do a little digging to confirm that they have the experience to provide their patients with the effective care that they need. There are a few different areas that can tell you a lot about dentists that you are potentially interested in, many of which can typically be found on the About page on their website

Years In Business

How long has the dental practice been in business? If they have been a good fit for others in the community year after year, there is a good chance that they can help you with your dental needs, too. However, it is important not to immediately disregard new dental practices from your search without doing a little research. While the office may only be two or three years old, the dentists may have years of experience under their belt.

Education and Experience

Speaking of the dentists, it’s a good idea to look at their education and past experiences. The training and qualifications of a dentist play a valuable role in the services you can expect to receive. Something else to look for is whether the dentist regularly attends continuing education courses, seminars, and workshops that focus on new, improved dental practices. Partnering with a dentist that has received the proper education and experience, and who believes in a lifelong commitment to education, can help you to receive the most up-to-date dental care.


As mentioned above, not all dentists are the same. Many specialize in certain treatments and procedures that are unique to their practice. For example, one dentist may specialize in oral and maxillofacial surgery, while another dentist in the same area may offer specialized pediatric dentistry services. Again, choosing the right dental specialists depends on your current dental health and unique needs, but luckily there are plenty of options in the Tustin area that can provide you with the specialized care you need. 

Once you have narrowed your list down to a few dental offices, check for the credentials above. Checking in on this information will help you get a feel for the level of care you can expect from the dentist.


While our Tustin dental office is still fairly new, our experienced dentists have been providing dental services for many years. Both Dr. Rafi and Dr. Baker graduated from prestigious dental schools and are both active members of the American Dental Association as well as other well known dental societies in the Tustin area. Dr. Rafi specializes in both cosmetic and family dentistry and Dr. Baker is accredited as one of the best pediatric dentists in the area! Rest assured, our team is well seasoned and can provide you with the safe and effective care you need.


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Another factor you will want to consider when looking for a dentist is the hours that their office is open. Finding a dentist that offers convenient appointment times can be harder that is may seem, especially if you have a limited schedule. Before scheduling any appointments, call or check online to learn the office’s hours of operation. Look for times that work well with your work or family’s schedule.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider whether or not the dentist offers emergency dental care. Tooth pain and discomfort, severe sensitivity, broken teeth, and other dental emergencies can happen at a moment's notice and it is important to have a reliable dentist that you know you can trust when you or a family member is in need of immediate dental care.


Our Tustin dentists know how crazy life can be. Whether you have work, kids, or other obligations, we try to offer convenient office hours so that everyone has time for dental care. Our office is open six days a week and hours extend well into the evening, making it is easier to schedule an appointment that is convenient for your life and schedule!





We understand that opening your mouth wide while a variety of metal instruments move around on the inside is not the most comfortable experience. In fact, this is what triggers dental phobia and dental anxiety for some people. Both are extremely common — an estimated 9 percent to 15 percent of Americans (about 30 million to 40 million people) avoid seeing the dentist because of anxiety and fear. Whether you are someone who gets anxious about visiting the dentist or not, the level of comfort provided is something you should certainly look into.

Many dental practices are looking for new and effective ways to keep patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible. From comfortable chairs and in-room TVs to courtesy beverages and the friendliness of the staff, there are many factors that add to the comfort of a dental office. From the minute you step into the office, you should feel almost like you are at home! Make sure to choose a dental office where you are greeted by a friendly, welcoming face and cared for by an attentive staff that truly cares about your oral health.

Before you choose a Tustin dentist, don’t be afraid to stop into a few different locations to get a feel for the office. If you leave the office feeling unwelcome and without any of your questions answered, that is not the right dentist for you. Instead, you should be happy and confident that you found a wonderful potential new dentist.


The comfort and health of our patients is our top priority, and we do everything that we can to ensure that each person that steps into our office feels welcomed and comfortable. Having television screens at every chair, the option to listen to music, and keeping water and coffee always stocked are just a few of the many ways we try to make our patients' experience as comfortable and worry-free as possible. Our friendly staff is always welcoming and happy to answer any questions that you may have. If you are still on the fence, we encourage you to stop by our practice and experience the comfort and smiling faces that come with the Rafi Dental Group Advantage.





Who better to seek a recommendation from other than previous patients?! Patient reviews are a great way to learn about some of the experiences others have with a particular dentist, both positive and negative. Besides checking the dentist’s website for reviews, look for other review sources, such as Google reviews. Oftentimes, when you search for a Tustin dentist, you’ll be able to see some of the reviews past patients have shared. Make sure to pay attention to what services the patient needed, how the staff interacted with them, and their general overall experience.

Viewing opinions from a variety of different sources can help you to form a more complete picture of what it is like to visit that particular office. High ratings and reviews are a tell-tale sign that a patient’s health and experience is a top priority.


At Rafi Dental Group, it is our mission to provide patients with a comfortable experience while providing them with high-quality dental care. Our commitment to our client's health and satisfaction has made us a Top Rated Local® Tustin Dentist. We are always trying to improve our efforts and encourage patients to share their experience by leaving us reviews online. 

“This dental office is amazing! Great staff that’s very attentive and Dr. Rafi was very kind and gentle. Highly recommend coming here if you're looking to brighten your smile.” - Hector

“Best experience I have had a dentist in years, would highly recommend. Thank you to everyone at Rafi Dental Group for helping to make something I have dreaded, much less stressful.” - Taylor

“Honestly this is the most beautiful dental office I have ever been to. All the staff here are so sweet and welcoming… Dr.Rafi is the nicest and best dentist I have ever been to! She's incredibly knowledgeable and also listened to all my concerns. I am so happy I have finally found my dentist!“ -Donna

These are just a few of the many patients that have had a wonderful experience with our Tustin dentists, and you could be next!

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Hopefully, this guide helps you start off on the right foot in your search for a great dentist in Tustin. While the search may seem daunting, there are many dental solutions available. Of course, we hope you consider choosing Rafi Dental Group. As one of the best dentists in the area, we are committed to providing our community with quality dental and oral health solutions — in a clean, welcoming environment, with friendly, well-informed staff — so that they can be proud of their smile. 

Whether you need a dental examination or treatment for a specific problem, schedule a hassle-free consultation at Rafi Dental! Our dentists, hygienists, and staff will be happy to show you around the office and discuss your dental needs as well as treatment plans to help you attain a healthy smile. 

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