Pediatric Dentistry in Tustin

Dental health is vital at every age and developing healthy oral health habits begins in early childhood! It’s important to impart at-home dental care with your kids — brushing and flossing — and begin scheduling dental exams as their first set of teeth surface.

A pediatric dentist caters to these tiny mouths from infancy through their teen years and has vast experience and skills working with kids.

Optimal dental care is crucial for kids early on because it sets the tone and habits as they develop, and without it, kids are subjected to a lifetime of poor dental health that makes seeing the dentist a scary experience.

Kids are vulnerable to cavities, and even though their first set of baby teeth fall out and are replaced, it’s important to help them learn healthy dental health habits. Because kids often have a diet high in sugar — from cereal and fruit juices to the snacks they eat — cavities can become an issue.

But, cavities are completely preventable in kids!

When you address the foods they are eating and impart a consistent oral hygiene routine, they can avoid tooth decay.

A healthy mouth is one free of dental plaque — bacteria thrives in plaque and the only way to keep it under control is with a dental cleaning.

Tustin Pediatric Dental Care For Babies

Tooth decay in babies is known as early childhood caries and they often result when the baby takes a nap or goes to bed with a bottle of juice or milk. The sugar bombards their teeth subjecting them to dental caries.

It’s important to avoid milk or juice bottles before sleep, and if it’s needed, fill the bottle with water. It’s also essential to note that after the age of three, bottles and pacifiers can impede your child’s jaw development and subject them to orthodontic issues later on if it is not ended.

Pediatric Dental Care in Children

By the age of three, you can begin brushing your child’s teeth with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Because kids can’t quite do an efficient job, help them brush better until their fine motor skills allow them to do it on their own — typically around the age of six.

Again, a healthy diet is going to be critical for optimal dental health. While you can’t always control what they eat at their friend’s house or at school, keep your home packed with healthy snacks and food options for them.

Bi-annual dental exams are recommended and here the dentist may apply a sealant to their back molars to better prevent cavities.

(View Dental Sealant Video).

Dental Care For Teens

Teens are at an age where they are in charge of their own dental health, which is why establishing good practices early on is so vital. Continue to monitor and check-in with their brushing and flossing, in addition to scheduling family dentist exams twice per year.

Encourage healthy dietary and lifestyle choices that include a diet rich in whole foods and avoiding tobacco use.

Dental health is important for the developing child — we’re here as a resource to support them in this journey!

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