Teeth Whitening Services

Aging can do a number on our teeth and it’s not uncommon for them to yellow and become less brilliant over time. Many of us indulge in years of coffee and wine consumption which exposes the dentin, the darker side of our enamel. Tobacco use and pharmaceuticals can also impact and stain your smile.

If you’re interested in a brighter, more attractive, an in-office teeth whitening procedure is the fastest, most effective way to whiten your teeth.

Tooth Discoloration

There are three types of tooth discoloration that can lead to a dull smile:

  • Extrinsic Tooth Staining: This type of stain occurs when the enamel — the outer layer of your tooth — is impacted. Cola, wine, coffee, and other foods and beverages are the common culprit of this type of stain.
  • Intrinsic Tooth Staining: An intrinsic stain results from discoloration that begins within the tooth — the dentin — that leave your teeth a darker, yellow tone. Intrinsic stains result from the following: excessive fluoride exposure in childhood, tetracycline antibiotic use, tooth trauma, or a medical condition called Dentinogenesis Imperfecta.
  • Age-affected Tooth Staining: Time, and a combination of both extrinsic and intrinsic factors, tend to yellow our teeth.

As a remedy to a less-than-white smile, patients are opting for teeth whitening products and services. While at-home products can remove stains and help your teeth to a brighter shade, it takes a great deal of time with substandard results. Not to mention, some of the products contain extremely abrasive ingredients that effectively scrub away stains, but take the enamel away with it!

teethwhiteningpicTustin Teeth Whitening 

Our Tustin dental office provides premier whitening services that are safe and effective —  if you want to leave our office today (instead of spending months whitening your teeth at home) with a brighter smile, connect with us!

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